Our Goals

  • Identify and strengthen the weakest links in your farm systems.
  • Help you design and develop a successful farm based on the unique syntheses of your land, people, and business.
  • Help you identify and find the resources that you need to accomplish your goals.
“The farm is a synthesis of the land, the people, and the business. A blending. A new entity with a personality–that is the farm. No two combinations are the same; each farm is unique, with its own character.” Excerpt, Turn Here Sweet Corn: Organic Farming Works, Atina Diffley

Common Areas Of Work

  • Land Purchase: Soil and Site Evaluation Pre-Purchase
  • Developing Business Plans
  • Identifying Weakest Area Of Farm Systems
  • Balancing Farm, Family, and Personal Needs
  • Transitioning to Organic Production
  • Organic Vegetable Production Systems
  • Organic Vegetable Marketing
  • Development of Short and Long-term Goals and Plans
  • Organic Weed Management
  • Organic Soil Building Systems

Small And Mid-Size Farm Equipment

  • Identifying Appropriate Equipment Systems for Your Farm: Assessment and Recommendations
  • Locate Specialty and Hard to Find Equipment and Parts
  • Appraise Farm Equipment

Consulting Fees

Fees vary depending on the extent and nature of your needs and the amount of travel required.

Call To Explore Working Together

Call for a free 20-minute consultation to explore working together. To schedule your call, email us, and we’ll set it up.

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  • martin (at) organicfarmingworks (dot) com

Forms For Use in Consulting