Organic Farming Resources

A look into our library at the publications and resources we have found to be most practical for organic farmers.

Core Library for Organic Farmers

“Best $78 you’ll ever spend–don’t farm without these 4 books.”

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Intercropping and Companion Planting ||Oregon Biodynamics Group

2.21.15 – Baldwin Training

Business Plan

  • Building a Sustainable Business: A Guide to Developing a Business Plan for Farms and Rural Businesses | Download | MISA | Purchase | SARE

Beginning Farmers and Transition to Organic

Certification – Organic

Disease Management

Drift Protection

Farm Safety

Farm Planning Track & Skills Assessments


Food Safety and Post Harvest Handling RESOURCE PAGE


Holistic Management



Marketing Success: Agriculture Expert, Atina Diffley, Encourages Local Growers to Differentiate Their Product

A Wholesale Success workshop in Leelanau County gave local food producers an opportunity to learn how to enhance their success in the marketplace. Wholesale Success program trainer Atina Diffley said it’s important for local growers to add value to their products and differentiate themselves from large producers.

Pest Management

Risk Managment



Soil And Fertility Management

USDA Organic Resources

Weed Management

Farm Newsletters–Free Subscription

General Organic Farming Resources

Organic and Sustainable Farming Organizations