Food Safety and Post Harvest Handling

Resources that are referenced in the "Wholesale Success" trainings are posted on this page. I appreciate any feedback you have on the Action Plans, or suggestions to improve them, atina (at) organicfarmingworks (dot) com

FSMA: Produce Rule

FSMA: Preventive Controls

Food Safety: Free On-line Tools for Writing Food Safety Manuals

Food Safety: Training

Food Safety: Checklists

Food Safety: Legal Issues

Food Safety : Hand Washing Station Designs

Food Safety: Information

Food Safety: 3rd Party Audits

Food Safety: Leafy Greens

Post Harvest Handling

Wholesale Success: A Farmer’s Guide to Selling, Post Harvest Handling, and Packing Produce |

Some sections of Wholesale Success are available online at MISA.

Post Harvest: Grading and Standards

Post Harvest: Tool Design

Post Harvest: Products

Packaging Suppliers

Post Harvest Handling: Manuals and Information

Farm Storage Facility Loan Program || USDA

Worker Food Safety Training

Turn Here Sweet Corn

A lesson in entrepreneurship, a love story, and a legal thriller.


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