Write a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

 Write a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

The goal of creating a SOP is to clearly and succinctly convey the specific actions that are absolutely required to complete a task.

A specific SOP should include:

  • Title and Date: Descriptive title, date written, and updated
  • Policy: Rules on practices on your farm to minimize risks
  • Purpose: “Description” or “Why we do this”
  • Scope: What is included, what does it cover
  • Responsibility: Who does it and who makes sure it gets done
  • Materials: A list of the items needed to accomplish task
  • Procedure: Step-by-step, in order list of what one must do

Tips for refining:

  • Keep it action oriented – Start with an action word “wipe,” “remove” . . .
  • Be concise
  • Break tasks up into numbered steps