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What is a Farm? A Synthesis of the Land, People, and Business.

Reflections, tips, and decision making tools from organic farmer-author Atina Diffley

What Is A Farm?

farm (färm). n. 1. A tract of land devoted to agricultural purposes. No. The land is not the farm. That is so clear. How could a major dictionary have got it so wrong? The land was here long before the farm and long before the people or the business. The land is completely its own.…

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We live in relationships—

And one more piece of the community fabric in Dakota County, MN. has just been torn. The bi-monthly Fahey consignment auction (I often called it the “buy-monthly” as it was a main source of equipment and tools for Gardens of Eagan for thirty+ years) has discontinued it’s on-site, in-person portion of the auction and is…

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“Getting No-Where”

Sometimes, “Getting No-Where” is Part of the Process. Ever have an hour, or a day, or a week, or heaven forbid a year, where you just couldn’t seem to make any progress on your goals? Martin likes to say—You have to get the no-where out of the way before you can even start. I like…

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